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Fast-paced platformer with short but difficult levels a la Super Meat Boy


Hyperbolic is a fast-paced 2D action platformer in which you have to face a variety of short but intense levels. As many as 39 levels are waiting for you in four different environments. Each environment features unique graphics and an exclusive original soundtrack. In order to beat the levels you have to show quick reaction and precise movement. As the game progresses, the levels become harder and new hazards and mechanics are introduced continuously. Beating a level is great but in order to truly beat the game you will have to achieve gold in each level. Depending on your time you are rewarded with either bronze, silver or gold medal. These medals are your ticket to the bonus levels which are required for the 100%. Hyperbolic combines the gameplay of classic Jump’n’Run games with a modern graphical style, a catchy soundtrack and smooth touchscreen controls. Hours of fun are guaranteed. Warning: Possible occurrence of regular rage quitting.




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