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Carbon Party


Wreak havoc with your gas-hungry wheels in this reckless Arcade racer.


F*ck the climate change. You don’t like the cold anyway. Celebrating last year’s record-breaking CO2 emissions, you decided to throw a Carbon Party, an epic racing battle that’s faster, louder and dirtier than ever.

The races take place in one of multiple different tracks. Each track is a circuit that takes the players through an, at first, peaceful and tranquil environment (a farm, a neighborhood, a mountain village, a skiing area...). The racers then wreak havoc with their gas-hungry vehicles. Each race is a free-for-all, there are no rules other than to be the first to complete the course with by all available means. These include not only ramming and bashing but also weapons and traps.



  • Dominik Hackl - Programming, Game Design, Music
  • Lukas Paul - Programming, Networking
  • Hannes Lugstein - Programming, Gameplay, Shader, Level Design
  • Nathan Grinzinger - Art, Game Design, UI
  • Michael Rieger - Art, Level Design
  • Daniel Dietrich - Art
  • Wolfram Weingartner - Sound Design


  • carbon_01
  • carbon_02
  • carbon_03
  • carbon_04